Testing Process

The testing process consists of 4P (plane, prepare, perform and perfect). There are different phases of testing performed by different teams for a single project.

We would like to explain the main steps of the testing process.


Software testing company should understand the organizational aspects and the operational (system, process) context in which the testing will be done. Company should also define the main risks, estimate management support for the budget, time, and resources, develop a plan for the tasks and participants required to mitigate the risks to system quality.


On this step company should build a team of professionals with the appropriate skills for the providing load testing, security testing or other kinds of testing. Design and verify the test system that the team uses to assess the quality of the system under test.

Perform testing

Company should manage the set of test cases to be run against each test release. It is necessary to obtain and install a test release consisting of all of the components in the system under test.


For software testing company it means monitoring adaptation and improvement. On this step tester should document the bugs and make the report. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss the test results with developers.