Software Testing: Concepts, Issues And Techniques

The main goal of software testing is to guarantee that the software systems would work as expected by clients and users.

The normal way to demonstrate this execution of anticipations is to show their work through controlled experimentation in laboratory settings before the products are released. If we are talking about software products, such controlled experimentation through program accomplishment is commonly named software testing

It is better to focus on testing in the development stage. We run or perform the executed software systems or elements to show that they operate as expected.

Consequently, demonstration of correct behavior is a main goal of software testing, which can be expounded as providing clearness of quality in the context of software quality assurance, or as satisfying certain quality purposes.

Nevertheless, because of the definitive flexibility of software, where defects can be fixed much more easily than traditional manufacturing of physical products, we can benefit much more from testing by correcting software bugs within the development process and deliver software products that are as bug-free as our budget or environment permits.

That is why software testing has become a fundamental technique to recognize and correct errors under most development environments.

To sum up software testing carries out 2 main goals:

  • Demonstration of quality or proper behavior
  • Detecting and fixing defects

Nevertheless, when we test the internal accomplishments to identify and remove defects that were injected into the software systems in the development process, we focus more on the defect detection and removal aspect.