Main Software Testing Activities

There are 3 Main Software Testing Activities:

  • Test planning
  • Test implementation and dimension
  • Test output analysis and follow-up activities

Test Planning

This stage comprises such significant sub-phases:

Test Implementation and Dimension

This stage comprises of 3 sub-phases:

  • adjusting test time and resources
  • invoking and running tests
  • checking testing output and detecting system failures

Test Output Analysis

This stage comprises possible problem diagnosis and software bug correcting as a follow-up to individual test runs, and analyses of general test outputs for management resolutions and quality improvement activities.

These software testing activities may commonly be carried out and managed with the involvement of a lot of people who have various roles and obligations:

  • developers who are answerable for correcting software bugs (they can play the double role of software testers as well)
  • dedicated professional software testers and testing managers
  • independent professional software testing companies
  • сlients and users, who may operate as testers informally for usability testing or beta testing

Entirely automated support is not possible. Some automated support, combined with a good comprehension of the specific test activities and related techniques by software testing teams may assist us in performing planned software testing activities to efficaciously identify software defects and to provide quality assurance.