What Is a Bug?

Many of those, who are interested in software testing or those who have heard something about it, has a general idea of what a bug is. But few can specifically explain what the conditions of the system errors occurrence are.

The “bug” concept is tightly connected with the product specification which is often also called simply the spec. The specification is a detailed description of all aspects of the product under development. The spec describes the product functional, characteristics, interface, design, and so on.  The document also defines what functions the system can operate and what of them cannot. 

When May a Bug Occur?

  • If a product does not perform the function, which is described in the specification.
  • If a product fulfils the function, which performance is not included into the specification.
  • If a product performs a function, which is not even mentioned in the specification.
  • If a product does not fulfil the action, which is not defined by the spec but this option should be available.
  • If a tester is sure that the product is too difficult to use, a system works very slowly, and it is rather hard to understand a common idea of the product functioning.

Software testing company keeps the above-mentioned rules, executing software product testing. Only this way one may reach the high quality of the product.

But still, conducting mobile testing, desktop testing, game testing, web application checking or SEO testing, the specialist should remember that each user has his own expectations and minds towards how the product should operates.

It is impossible to create a product which would satisfy the wishes and meet the expectations of absolutely all users.