How to Write Effective Bug Report?

Bug reporting is a key part of testing process. The employee of software testing company engages it every day during test performance. Bug reports are highly visible, being read by developers and managers. That’s why it is very necessary for tester to write a correct bug report.

Effective bug reporting begins with qualitative and well-organized testing. The testing team should remember that automated testing or manual testing, whatever, should be something other than just hacking. It is a creative work.

A good bug report includes a summary.It is especially important when it comes time to choose the priority of bug.

Creating the bug report try to use just the words you need and describe information that actually pertains to the bug being reported. Try to remove unnecessary information, but give more information rather than less.

Writing clearly is very essential in a bug report! Read what you wrote. If you write too big report, the developer will ignore some information. If you write not full report, programmers have to come back and ask more questions.

Try to be diplomatic. Remove confusing and misleading words from your report.

Submit the bug report to a review, resolve found problems, and enter the bug report into the bug tracking system, used by your software testing company.