5 Frequent Localization Defects in Software Products

We live in time of globalization. Now many huge companies spread their products and services not in a particular region or state but all over the world.

The same tendency is observed in modern software products. There are lots of applications available in several or many languages. That is why web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing often comprise localization testing.

Creating versions of software in different languages is a complex process with numerous pitfalls. Characters that are not used in English can cause unexpected failures and errors.


Common Localization Defects of Modern Applications Are:

  1. Incorrect displaying of the text; the same phrase may contain a different number of symbols and words in various languages and require text boxes of various sizes.
  2. Failing to recognize and interpret inputted non-English characters.
  3. Problems with processing data containing non-English characters.
  4. Failing of saving data including strange symbols.
  5. Improper computing and interpreting of time, dates, sums of money; the thing is that in various countries various formats of writing dates, time and numbers are used, they may be incorrectly understood.

A professional software testing company always asks its testers to keep in mind these points performing localization testing of a program.