4 Advantages of Early Applications Over Modern Ones

It is believed that evolution of information technology makes devices and programs better and more useful. It is so most of the times. Modern software products are much more usable, useful and interesting than applications of 1990s or even those that we used several years ago.

But mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing show that there are still many imperfections in modern software products. And many usability problems have been created on purpose, in order to promote various services, goods, other applications and so on. Different advertisements have become source of income for software owners and a real problem for the users.


Lots of gaudy banners, advertisements and popping out windows irritate the users and complicate work with a software product. A software testing company would confirm that there were no problems of that kind in early applications.

Advantages of Early Software Products That are Missing in Modern Systems:

  • soft background colors;
  • most of the screen is dedicated to the application subject;
  • only few links on web pages and all of them are relevant to the application topic;
  • no annoying advertisements, popping out windows and things like that.

Though no one would come back to old programs, software producers and specialists in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing should remember about these advantages and try to improve modern applications.