3 Reasons of Mobile Software Slow Functioning

Specialists involved in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing notice that frequent problem of modern mobile programs is poor performance.

Waiting forever for a mobile application to load upsets and irritates the users. It is accustomed that a web page should load no longer that 2 or 3 seconds. This performance issue reminds similar problems with web applications of 1990s, when people connected to the Internet via modem and worked with not powerful machines.

Modern mobile web applications are complex, include different complex elements, unlike web programs of 1990s. They require exchanging a lot of data with the server and a client machine.


A software testing company distinguishes 3 general reasons of problems with performance of mobile software.

3 Common Causes of Mobile Applications Performance Defects:

  1. The program is executing too many operations, processing too many data all the time when the user is interacting with it.
  2. The program too often exchanges data with the server.
  3. Files that are to be downloaded are too big, or there are too many of them.

If performance testing shows that the tested mobile software functions too slowly, it is wise to find out the reason. In most cases it will be at least one from the mentioned above.

Performance is one of the important characteristics of any program. It mustn’t be neglected in course mobile testing.