3 Benefits of Using HTML and JavaScript

Specialists in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing know that HTML and JavaScript are utilized in most of modern web software products.

HTML is a markup language. It structures and formats content of a web site or web application. Appearance of software products is created by means of HTML. This aspect is usually checked during user interface testing and usability testing.

At present most of web programs are not just sets of static pages with text and pictures. They update their information and allow the users to interact with them, perform certain operations. Features of that kind are provided by JavaScript elements; they must be thoroughly verified in course of web site testing.


So, a web site or web application is often a combination of HTML and JavaScript elements. Any software testing company will agree that combination of these markup language and programming language has many benefits.

Advantages of Utilizing HTML and JavaScript in Web Software Products Are:

  1. They both are supported by all contemporary mobile and desktop devices. So the users don’t have to acquire any specific models of personal computers, smartphones or tablets in order to work with a web software written in HTML and JavaScript.
  2. This technology is simple and convenient; there is no need to write much complex code.
  3. These languages are suitable for many new peculiarities of mobile and desktop technologies, for example, for responsive design, that is often used in mobile applications.