Three Musketeers Secrets: Constance’s Mission (iOS Game)

A quest type game based on the well-known Alexander Dumas’s novel “Three Musketeers”.

You are able to live through the wonderful adventures of the three musketeers. You are taking up the role of smart and beautiful Constance, who tries to solve the mysteries of an evil cardinal. The main task is to uncover the plot against the king. You are going to make an exciting journey full of romantic adventures, direst dangers and XVIth century intrigues.

QATestLab has carried out the game products and back office testing of the game’s platform. We have also checked its interaction with other systems.

QATestLab has conducted a repeated manual and automated testing on all the stages of product development. All of the test results were presented in the form of reports.

The detailed guidelines for the developers were created, the execution of which was later supervised.

QATestLab has tested the game and its interface from the user-oriented perspective in order to improve the quality of user experience.