Official World Rally Championship Android Application

WRC 2011 is the Official World Rally Championship app. This is the only app to have official LIVE data straight from the cars.

There are many features that were considered while mobile application testing. The key moments that were tested in this application are:

  • Operations with memory, control of memory leaks;
  • The intensity of power consumption, sensitivity to the charge;
  • The use of disk space, stability in the limited space on the drive, logging, work with memory cards;
  • Support for various screen resolutions, portrait and landscape modes;
  • Internet connection using an optimum connection: Active Sync, USB, GPRS, Wi-Fi; work under conditions of unstable connection;
  • Stability of the application for incoming / outgoing calls, sending and receiving SMS / MMS;
  • Standards compliance (Symbian Signed certification, Java Verified testing, etc.);
  • Data synchronization with the phone book, calendar, programs on your PC;
  • Correct installation / removал of programs in the phone memory and memory card;
  • Correct localization;
  • Stable work under conditions of stress, recovery from failures.

Android devices: HTC A6262 Hero, LG Optimus, Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini.