Collectrium Art Platform

Collectrium is a cloud-based art platform. It is used by the world’s top galleries and collectors.

You can upload a great number of pdf files, high-quality photographs and other types of documents. You can browse or edit information about your collection anywhere you have internet access through web or mobile devices. Due to the high level of safety, your information is safe from unauthorized account access and data loss.

QATestLab has carried out functional testing with the aim to verify the correct work of the platform.

Specialists of QATestLab conducted usability testing in order to check how comfortable and easy for understanding the platform usage is.

Cross-browser testing was performed to ensure that it is possible to use the platform on each of the most possible browsers as user preferences seem to vary greatly.

QATestLab specialists have tested the platform on a variety of mobile devices. Mobile testing was aimed at ensuring that by the time Collectrium reaches end users, it will be usable, it will meet all the product requirements as well as will be safe and reliable.

Test results were presented to the client in the form of reports.