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The 34,000 members of the American College of Radiology include radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, interventional radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. For over three quarters of a century, the ACR has devoted its resources to making imaging safe, effective and accessible to those who need it.

Insurance Case Management

Case Management is the project for the management of insurance cases in medicine. It allows you to create the patient database - add information about him, about his illness, doctor appointments, etc.

Patient Entry Desktop Application

Patient Entry is a desktop application which provides opportunities to make patient profile, insert data to Patient Data Smart Cart, take patients’ photos and manage patient data by receptionist.

Program for Ultrasonic Diagnosis of Heart Disease

"CardioArt" - an application for ultrasonic diagnosis of heart diseases, which allows to estimate the size of the heart and its individual structures (ventricles, atriums, interventricular septum, thickness of ventricular myocardium, thickness of artiums, etc.), the condition of the heart valves, cardiac contractility.

This case study focuses on the functional testing of an application designed for the ultrasonic diagnosis of heart diseases. 

The objective of the application is to estimate the size of the heart and its individual structures, assess the condition of the heart valves, and evaluate cardiac contractility. 



Pharmaceuticals Website

The project was the pharmaceuticals website developed to provide information about new medicines, their contradictions, posology and administration. The website had the following features: search filters, articles sharing on social networks, “Put a Question” form, etc.