Business Solutions

Mobile CRM-system

Mobile CRM-system is a native iOS application. With its help user can access the CRM data from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) at any time.

Online Service for Building Quality and Inexpensive Houses "Terem"

Online service for building quality and inexpensive houses. The user has the opportunity to find out more about the services of a company to choose a favourite project of his house and leave him the request. After receipt of the application manager will contact the customer to provide more information and discuss all the details.

Website Builder

The website builder that lets the user create websites with responsive design. It is intended for use of small business owners and managers who use websites as their main marketing tool.

Microfinance Organization

The Internet company that offers small short-term loans and differs from banks, pawnshops and other companies with its greater speed of work and convenience. The company was founded in 2011.