Mobile CRM-system

Mobile CRM-system is a native iOS application. With its help user can access the CRM data from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) at any time.

Users, regardless of their location, can always be in touch with the latest business events, collaborate with team and make proper business decisions.

Main Features of CRM-System:

  • Keeps all the information about clients in one database;
  • Improves accuracy of data input;
  • Dashboard with KPI (Key Performance Indicators);
  • CRM-system with high adoption rate.

After six months from the date when customer contacted QATestLab, he was able to start his business activity successfully. Customer set a task to test the CRM-system. He had to make sure that he can start business without serious risks and disruption.

QATestLab specialists performed testing of business processes, main systems, such as management of sales pipeline, management of groups of contacts, automated calls, hourly backups. Besides that, we tested shared communications and calendar, email marketing and reporting.