Prognostic Data Processing Tool

This project belongs to family of tools and is intended to develop web-based application of computer network analysis, prognostic data processing and fault prediction.

Computer networks often contain hundreds of devices that are hierarchically connected. Malfunction of any device may lead to misoperation of the whole network or large part of it, thus precise and timely prediction of device faults is an important function.

This project objective is to create a set of web-based applications which will allow collecting and analyzing data related to network operation and predict possible device and network issues before their appearance.

The created system will contain groups of services, each carrying unique function – like network assets discovery, network assets monitoring, network alert detection and handling.

Those services will be combined into web application to discover and display network structure, collect information from network devices and process collected information for fault prediction.

Current vision of the system contains:

  • Web user interface;
  • Application server;
  • Web services:
    • Network discovery;
    • Network monitoring;
    • Network alerter.

Our specialists have developed several approaches to cover the main functionality of the system with regression set, which will provide with an opportunity to get an answer about correct system functioning in a short time.