Hybrid Mobile Strategy: why to combine virtual & real devices in test automation?

Webinar Record

To optimize expenses on mobile testing on physical devices, companies use  emulator compromising on quality.

Being unable to test mobile software on every physical device available in the market, companies have to use emulator during mobile test automation. But when it comes to the simulation of the real user’s behavior, emulators run a risk to fail. So how to make mobile automation effective?

Watch the webinar conducted by Ivanna Kyryk, Program Manager at QATestLab, and Ellinor Kwok, Presales Engineer at Genymotion to know how hybrid mobile strategy can help to release a high-quality product without huge expenses. Our speakers explain:

  • how to manage a large park of mobile devices
  • why virtual devices are an inevitable part of mobile automation
  • when testing on emulators is more effective than on real devices
  • how to prepare a hybrid mobile strategy for test automation