Why Mustn’t Duplicate Errors be in a Bug Tracking System?

Those who has something to do with software development or web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing know that nowadays a lot of software products are huge complex systems. Many software engineers and testers work on them. A system may have several releases.

This means that number of logged in errors is great. They are added to a bug tracking system by various testers in different times. It is hard to orient in such complex database.


In those situations a software testing company wants its testers to check before logging in a new error whether it has already been added to the bug tracker. If the problem has already been reported the tester should add his observations and attachments specifying and demonstrating the problem rather than reporting the issue again.

Development team will be grateful for that and find that mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing was executed by professionals. Otherwise the project may miss the deadline, exceed the budget and lose profitability.

If Many Similar Defects are Logged in a Tracking System Then:

  • the database becomes too large and intricate;
  • the software engineers get frustrated, may fix the reported errors with delays or miss significant ones;
  • the development team fall out of love with the testers.