Why is it Wise to Spend Time on Researching a New Device?

Every software tester knows that careful preparations is a prerequisite to fast and efficient mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

One mustn’t economize on preparations to the testing activities.

The Main Elements of the Preparations Include:

  • research of the tested program;
  • study of the project;
  • research of potential users of the software;
  • planning of manual and automated testing;
  • selecting and acquiring of testing platforms and needed equipment.


Unfortunately, sometimes a software testing company forgets to allocate time on familiarization of testers with the devices. But it turns out that this point is very important. The thing is that information technologies, especially the mobile ones, evolve very fast. There are different operation systems; their new versions are often released.

So, it takes some time to figure out how to work with a modern device. Some quality assurance experts can even spend a whole day researching a new mobile device. They claim that this approach gives them significant advantages during mobile testing.

Familiarization with a New Device Gives Such Benefits:

  • the tester is able to utilize the device efficiently in course of testing efforts;
  • the tester can teach his or her colleagues to work with the device efficiently;
  • researching of various devices, operation systems and their versions allows to stay in step with the latest achievements in information technologies.