Why is it Important to Write Error Reports Properly?

Performing software testing, one must quickly find serious errors. The number of found software bugs per certain amount of time is one of the criteria of evaluation efficiency of a tester’s work.

But it is not enough to discover many defects in course of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing in order to be a good tester. A professional test engineer must also be skilled in writing clear and informative error reports.

Error Reports Are:

  • results of any load testing, functional testing, security testing and so on;
  • documents that inform the developers about what is wrong in the application and must be corrected;
  • proofs of hard work of the testers.

That is why novice testers should pay considerable attention to writing error reports.

Creating Error Reports One Should Follow These Recommendations:

  • dedicate one report to one software bug;
  • write understandable steps to reproduce the defect;
  • indicate actual and expected results of the test;
  • clearly describe the defect and test environment;
  • attach screenshots or video records of the error; it helps the developers to understand the problem better.

Professional error reports are a key to successful testing process. All the testers’ efforts appear to be useless without them.