Why is it Important to Consider Available Resources When Planning Software Testing?

Before starting mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing it is necessary to check the available resources. Neglecting of this aspect may shrivel even the best planning, researches and preparations.

That is why a software testing company advises to include study of available resources in elaboration of a test plan.


Researching the Resources it is Necessary to Find Out:

  • How many testers can participate in the testing activities?
  • When the test works must be completed.
  • What test platforms are available for manual testing and automated testing. If it is needed to acquire some test platforms.
  • If the required instruments and equipment are obtained and ready for usage.
  • Whether the project budget allows to buy what is required and to hire sufficient number of testers.

Test plans must be very different for similar projects if the projects possess different resources. There may be a project allocating plenty of time on testing, with budget sufficient for buying the best tools, equipment and for hiring many testers. In another case there may be a project with very limited budget and tight time limitations.

So, considering resources is significant for planning of each web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.