Why is Automated Testing not Always Efficient and Suitable?

Nowadays software products are complex systems. Developing and testing of a modern application require considerable time and efforts.

Business struggle between software producers is tough. Those, whose products appear first at the market, enjoy many advantages. That is why project managers try to release the applications as fast as possible.

There is an opinion that automated testing is one the best methods to diminish time required on mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. Automated tests are easy in use; they exclude human errors. Due to this some test engineers and managers consider automation to be a universal solution. As a matter of fact, it isn’t so.


Automated testing can bring a lot of benefits to a project. It significantly shortens time to market of the software and increases efficiency of the project, if it is applied appropriately. But in many cases it complicates and increases expenses of the software testing process.

Before making decision to automate tests it is necessary to learn and evaluate the situation, consider many various aspects.

Automation is Inapplicable For:

  • acceptance testing;
  • usability testing;
  • exploratory testing;
  • penetration testing and some other testing types.

Natural human behavior and way of thinking cannot be automated. It is also may be unreasonable to automate tests that often change, as it will be hard to maintain them. But repeatable tests should be automated.