Why does Automated Testing Become More and More Popular?

People always try to simplify their work and automate as many activities as possible. This also refers to mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

Managers often consider automated testing the best solution to the project tasks. Regardless of considerable expenses, automation can eventually be beneficial for a project as it diminishes time to market of applications and efforts.

Automated test engineers claim that any tests can be automated. This gives an excellent opportunity to increase effectiveness of functional testing, security testing,load testing and many other testing works. Some activities can be automated in any testing works.


Automation is Useful for Routine Distinct Operations:

  • entering data;
  • calculations;
  • generating data;
  • various transactions;
  • logging;
  • software installation and many other.

Such activities require much more efforts when done manually. Besides, people can get tired, bored, make mistakes. A program does not have these disadvantages. If automation is executed correctly, testers will only have to run the tests and analyze the results.

Some testing types can be automated up to 100% in particular in case of an iterative development approach is used.

The majority of works are automated in unit testing,  load testing. It is obvious that a human cannot create hundreds or thousands of requests simultaneously or for a certain period.

All this makes automation an integral part of almost any software testing process.