Why are People of Different Professions Needed for Software Testing?

It is not an easy task to assure quality of a software product. It is necessary to make sure during web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing that the program operates correctly, is convenient, satisfies needs of the end users.

This requires different skills and knowledge from the test engineers.

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Ideally a Test Engineer Should:

  • be familiar with all the methods and approaches to functional testing, usability testing, user interface testing and other types of manual testing;
  • have programming skills, know how to work with various automated testing instruments in order to create and execute automated tests;
  • be an expert in the application domain.

Unfortunately, there are few if any of testers possessing all the mentioned skills and knowledge. A tester can specialize in manual testing and a certain field, accounting or medicine, for instance, or have skills in manual and automated testing. But it is impossible to be good at everything.

That is why nowadays specialists in different fields participate in software testing processes. Programmers and experts in various domains switch to building their carriers in the field of software testing.

This fact proves that quality assurance and software testing became a vast branch of informational technology and continue to develop.