Who Uses Information About Software Gathered by Testers?

There are no doubts that construction of software products is sophisticated, complex, multilevel and creative process. It is commonly believed that developers do the majority of job and other participants of software creation only assist them.

But a  software testing company would underline that role of testers in creation of software products is very important as well. They execute web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing and are always in the picture about the tested application readiness for release, its weaknesses and strengths, peculiarities, and mechanisms of its operation.


Information Gathered by Testers is Useful for All Project Parties:

  • Project managers and other project parties enquire if the tested software is ready for production.
  • Marketing and sales manager want to know peculiarities of work and advantages of the application under test in order to advertise and promote it.
  • Specialists writing instructions for usage ask about principles and special features of the system functioning in order to create good, understandable manual.
  • Software engineers sometimes consult about some features of the tested application that happens to be known best by the testers, as in course of usability testing, functional testing or other testing activities testers discover some unpredicted peculiarities of the program.

So, many processes in software life cycle depend on web site testing, mobile testing or desktop testing.