Who Created Selenium?

Conducting automated testing of the web products, the specialists do not often think about who is the creator of Selenium, a set of tools for testing.

To begin with, Selenium has more than one creator. Each component of this set was developed by a certain person. But, perhaps, it is necessary to start with Jason Huggins. In the year 2004, Jason worked on the web project which should be tested very often. He developed a JavaScript program which was able to automatically control the browser’s actions.

This program was called JavaScrpitTestRunner. Performing web application testing, Jason examined the concept potential, made the program open source and now it bore the new name – Selenium Core.

This became the starting point for the whole range of the tools for the web application testing automation. In further, this tool underwent the modifications under the influence of certain factors.

Who Are the Selenium Components Creators?

  • Selenium RC – Paul Hammant
  • Selenium Grid – Patrick Lightbody
  • Selenium IDE – Shinya Kasatani
  • WebDriver – Simon Stewart

Thanks to these specialists, software testing became not so consuming as for money and time. Now functional testing of web products is not so difficult task.

In 2008, some changes happened in the Selenium structure. The founders’ team decided to develop more productive and powerful tool, Selenium 2. They achieved it by the combination of Selenium RC and WebDriver. Frequently, software testing company uses exactly this tool in its activity.