What Testing Types are Suitable for Automation?

Any project usually involves both manual and automated activities. It is known that automation cannot substitute manual work of a test engineer, but it can save much time if applied properly.

Not all testing works can be automated. Experts in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing claim that some of them should be. One usually automates monotonous actions that are to be performed multiple times during the project.

It is Reasonable to Automate:

  • Performance and load testing. These testing types require simultaneous work of many users. It is inefficient to carry our such work manually. Interaction of hundreds or thousands of users can be simulated by a special program.
  • User interface testing. If the application user interface is rather stable, but there are frequent changes in the functionality and code, it is recommended automating this testing type.
  • Regression testing. When the developers fix the software bugs and add new parts and functions to the system, it is necessary to make sure that the errors do not appear any more, and no new ones are caused by the fixes and additions.

Well planned combination of manual and automated testing provides high efficiency, enables to save time and efforts during the project.