What Testers Get Promoted Quickly?

Many people dream of a meteoric career. This dream may come true in software testing field.

Performing web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing well, one can quickly grow from a junior tester to QA lead managing large projects and teams of test engineers.

As a rule, a software testing company reviews skills of its employees in manual and automated testing and their professional progress once in a year or 6 months.

software testing company

A Test Engineer Can Be Promoted if He or She:

  • successfully completed several project for the review period;
  • contributed to the company development;
  • got complimentary remarks from the clients, QA leads.

Not only professional skills and achievements are considered when decision about promotion of a test engineer is made. Personal qualities play an important role as well. People notice that managers prefer to promote sociable, even-tempered testers, who maintain good relations with all the colleagues, management and customers.

Though critical eye is necessary for effective security testing, performance testing, functional testing and other testing types, one should be cheerful and optimistic in communication with other people. This quality is essential for an efficient leadership and project management. People with a positive attitude are always more successful than pessimists.