What Should One Mention in a Resume for a Software Tester Position?

A well-written resume plays an important role when applying for a job in a software testing company. Your resume is one of the key points at the interview. Any employer will scan your resume first and have a quick conversation concerning major issues. 

Do your best to write a good resume and cover letter. This will significantly increase the chances of getting a job in a software testing company.

In the resume onemay briefly list his or her accomplishments, professional skills and abilities, relevant work experience, communicative and organizational skills.

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Obligatory Resume Items for a Future Tester:

  • Educational background. It is advisable to have a technical or programming degree and have a good understanding of what software testing is.
  • Software testing certificates, including special training in manual testingand automated testing. Such certificates are quite important for the employers. When a person is acquainted with testing basics, it saves the company’s time and reduces costs.
  • Professional skills and abilities. Highly-qualified professionals, who specialize in the field of software testing, are valued all over the world. They will always be in demand at the modern labour market.
  • Relevant work experience in mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing. A more experienced candidate will have much higher chances of getting a well-paid and prestigious job.