What Qualities Should a Successful Test Leader Possess?

A software development process involves many specialists in various fields besides developers. The role of project managers is significant as they coordinate work of the team members, plan and allocate tasks, resources, and budget.

Quality of  mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing depends on the test leader. The test leader is an intermediary between the test engineers, development team, the clients and other project parties.

A Good Test Leader Must:

  • know the project, its specificity, risks, the clients’ expectations and requirements;
  • be familiar with manual and automated testing, and the software testing tools;
  • be able to explain peculiarities of the project and tasks to every team member;
  • be self-confident and sure in his or her decisions;
  • quickly find the most suitable solution in any situation regardless of various obstacles;
  • prioritize the tasks, test cases and based on the priorities plan functional testing, user interface testing, load testing, security testing and so on;
  • be able to work under tight time, budget and resource constraints.

A good manager can successfully cope with a project even if there are many unfavorable circumstances, and easy project with sufficient time, budget and resources may fail due to bad management.