What Personal Qualities are Needed for Building a Career in Software Testing Field?

It is common knowledge that reviewers first of all pay attention to the testers’ and QA leads’ professional qualities during periodic reviews.

It is believed that the more proficient test engineers are in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing, the more successfully they climb the career ladder. So, everybody mostly concentrates on new tools, searching software bugs, techniques, methods and approaches to quality assurance and verification of software.

But QA experts claim that skills in software testing make up only half of the needed qualities for a successful career in a software testing company. As a matter of fact, personal behavior is of utmost importance for productive functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, etc. as well.

Any Software Development Project Besides Deep Professional Knowledge Requires:

  • creativity;
  • communication with other team members that may be from different countries;
  • ability to take useful criticism, admit and analyze mistakes;
  • efficient work in a team;
  • efficient independent work;
  • self-discipline;
  • ability and desire to learn a lot of new information, master new tools, techniques.

The mentioned personal qualities together with professional skills and knowledge play the key role in efficiency of a software testing process. That is why they determine position and career perspective of an employee just as ability to carry out manual and automated testing.