What Peculiarities of Test Cases and Error Management Should be Determined Beforehand?

In order to make a software development process fruitful and efficient all the processes and activities should be carefully planned, discussed and agreed upon with the project members.

Among important aspects of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing that should be discussed and planned is management of test cases and logged errors.


Before Starting Testing One Should Determine and Inform the Project Members About:

  • the format of test cases;
  • test management and error tracking tools that will be used;
  • what test cases are to be executed in course of each testing type;
  • peculiarities of adding, updating, prioritizing test cases;
  • indicating failed and blocked test cases;
  • format and requirements to documenting the found errors, in particular the summary, steps to reproduce, actual result, expected result, setting severity and priority of the defects, adding pictures and video illustrating the defects and so on;
  • testers responsible for reporting to the customer and development team about the progress of functional testing, security testing, performance testing, usability testing, and others testing works, what errors have been found;
  • format and frequency of the reports.

If the project assumes automated testing,before starting to automate the tests it is necessary to choose the suitable tools, discuss what test cases will be automated, how the tests will be maintained.