What Makes Banking Applications Complex for Development and Testing?

It is known that modern software products are sophisticated and multilevel. Nowadays they are utilized in all areas, perform various operations, serve different purposes. They more and more enter our everyday life and simplify lots of processes. Among such software products are banking applications.

Experts in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing claim that banking applications are among the most complex ones. Their complexity is caused by their special functional and exclusive standards of security and performance.

Distinguishing Features of Banking Applications Are:

  • exceptional requirements to security and data storage; that is why security testing of banking application is performed very carefully;
  • multilevel support of simultaneous interaction with many customers; that is why load testing and performance testing are also of vital importance for a banking software;
  • huge number of transactions per second;
  • well thought out emergency management;
  • efficient customer support and troubleshooting.

Besides, banking applications are integrated with many other software products in order to be user-friendly, convenient and effective. Such integrated programs enable the users to pay bills, deposit money and perform other operations, but they make banking software more sophisticated.

That is why such software testing requires not only deep domain knowledge in banking and financial industry, but specificity of modern banking software products and skills in testing them as well.