What is Specificity of QTP Certification?

Nowadays a test engineer should get at least one known international certification.

It will prove his or her skills in carrying out mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing, increase the tester’s value on the employment market and trust of the clients, and enlarge his or her knowledge in software testing.

There are few world-known reputable certifications in software testing. ISTQB, CSTE and QTP by HP belong to them.

QTP is a certification for test engineers who prefer to use HP testing instruments that are called QTP or QuickTest Professional. This suite of tools for software testing has become popular at present.

To Apply for Any QTP Certification One Has To:

  • receive HP learner ID on their site;
  • create a personal profile using the ID;
  • apply for the certification.

QTP certification is commercial, so one has to pay a certain sum of money.

Training, provided by HP before the certification, is useful; it gives many practical recommendations on how to carry out functional testing, user interface testing, security testing, and other testing activities.

So, getting QTP or any other certification in software testing is a good idea. The expenses on such training and certification will soon be paid back.