What Is Quality In Software Engineering?

If we talk about software engineering quality has been in the list of different significant aspects such as cost, schedule and functionality. 

Such aspects identify the success or failure of a software product in evolving market environments, but may have changing significance for various periods of time and various market segments.

4 progressive phases of software engineering: 

  • In the functional phase attention was paid to providing the automated functions to replace what had been done manually before
  • In the schedule phase the attention was paid to introducing significant features and new systems on a timely and orderly basis to meet crucial user requirements
  • In the cost phase the attention was paid to decreasing the cost to stay competitive accompanied by the widespread use of personal computers
  • In the reliability phase the attention was paid managing users’ quality anticipations under the extended dependency on software product and expensive or arduous damages associated with software bugs.

So we can observe a consecutive growth in significance of quality within software engineering.