What is it Necessary to Find out About the Software Interaction With Other Systems?

As a rule, problems with software begin when it gets into real world condition. These problems must be found in course of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. In other cases the users will meet the defects and will be unsatisfied.

A software testing company wants its testers to check the system under real world conditions. If it is mobile application testing one should go out with the device, walk into dead spots, networking transition points, interact with the program under different lighting and so on.


Modern software products often depend on interaction with other systems. If the networking signals are weak or the systems our application depends on do not operate or operate improperly, the application may fail or go into an error mode.

So, it is Necessary to Determine About the Tested Program:

  • Whether it depends on internal or external systems, if it does, one should find out from which ones.
  • Whether it is integrated with social networks.
  • How it behaves when it cannot update or receive the required data and receives data with delay.
  • What happens when networking signals are weak, the network is overloaded.
  • Whether the software and its servers recover after getting out of synchronization with each other.

Working on these issues during manual and automated testing helps to discover significant errors and to improve the application under test.