What Difficulties Can Be Caused by Calendar Applications and Contacts Managing Programs?

A software testing company claims that calendar applications and contacts managing programs are the most significant software products on mobile devices for many users.

One rarely utilizes such software products on personal computers, so they may be often ignored during web site testing and desktop testing.

At present no one memorizes contact data of colleagues, business partners or friends. If a user wants to communicate with them he or she finds their contact data in the mobile device. Often contacts managing programs automatically add new contacts and edit the existing ones.

Difficulties That May Happen Because of Contacts Managing Program:

  • The address book may become too big and full of irrelevant contacts. In this case it will be hard to find and use the needed contacts.
  • The contacts managing program may also work slowly if it is overloaded with information.
  • If the software automatically deletes or edits contact data important contacts may be lost.


Calendar application often is significant for users. It holds and maintains important information about events, appointments, meetings, trips and so on.

A lot of people rely on such applications as they are handy and one can work with them anywhere. They may edit and update information about the events automatically. So, the user may always consult the latest data about significant events.

The Problems That May be Caused by a Calendar Application:

  • The data may be lost or distorted.
  • The application can add many unnecessary events that will make usage of the calendar uncomfortable.
  • The application calendar may not be able to work with so many events that some business people deal with.

So, it is important to execute proper load testing, functional testing and usability testing of calendar applications and contacts managing programs as they play significant role in life of their users.

Compatibility testing also should be performed because these applications often work together with other programs. One should keep this in mind performing mobile application testing.