What Deteriorates Performance of Mobile Software Products?

Specialists in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing know that software users are impatient. They don’t like to wait till a program loads, goes to another page or performs an operation. They became even less tolerant to mobile applications.

At present most of the users don’t want to wait till a web page loads more than 2 seconds. Gamers don’t want to wait more than hundreds of milliseconds. Similar or shorter delays are also acceptable for some specialized software products, for instance, used in medicine.

Manual and automated testing shows that often about 80 % of performance issues root in user interface of the mobile application. The rest 20 % depend upon various interferences, programs and services.


A Mobile Application Can Operate Slowly Because:

  • GPS is functioning, it consumes much resource;
  • its work is interfered by incoming calls and messages;
  • the battery is low;
  • it processes much data;
  • of endless data exchanges with the server.

A software testing company often discovers that software producers utilize various methods to take the user attention off some delays in functioning.  But if it seems during performance testing that something works slowly, one should repeat the action, determine what is improper, and report the defect.