What Attributes Help to Clarify Complex Test Cases?

Writing test cases is not an easy task. They must provide sufficient test coverage, be maintainable and clear for all the test team members, not only for the one, who writes them, as another tester may be appointed for their execution.

That is why one should write clear and informative test cases, such test cases ensure efficiency of mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing. The description shouldn’t be long, but a test case must be easily understandable.


Besides obligatory attributes, a test case may require additional ones that help to understand better its essence and how to execute it.

Additional Attributes of a Test Case Are:

  • Type of the test case, which is an indication to what testing type the test case refers; it may be usability testing, functional testing, security testing or any other testing type.
  • Attachments, detailed explanations; they may be needed, when the test case scenario is complex, and it is necessary to clarify the steps of the test case or the expected result.
  • The link to the error report or the number of the logged error; sometimes testers indicate them if the test case fails.
  • Whether the test case is automated or not; experts in automated testing find such indication useful during determining what tests to automate and tracking status of the test cases.