What Aspects Must be Taken into Account During Mobile Testing?

Mobile technology has been rapidly developing for the recent few years. At present a lot of mobile software products are created. That means that mobile application testing became much-in-demand.

Entering upon manual or automated testing of a mobile system one should keep in mind that mobile software products possess some features that desktop programs do not have. That is why testing of mobile software products is different from desktop testing or web site testing.

Some experienced testers used to work with desktop applications. They often leave out of account peculiarities of mobile technology and test mobile system the same way they would have tested a program for personal computer.


As a result important user scenarios, areas and aspects of the software remain unchecked and serious errors are overlooked.

A software testing company advises its testers to remember the main distinctions of mobile applications from the desktop ones in order to avoid such grave mistakes.

In Course of Mobile Testing One Should Always Consider:

  • end users of the system under test;
  • conditions of the surroundings where the product will be mostly used;
  • devices that are supposed to support the tested program.

Testers should also be open minded, flexible and able to change perspective. In this case mobile testing will be fruitful.