What Are Special Aspects of Test-Procedure Generators?

Automated testing is quite popular today. That is why there are many different automated test tools.

Test-procedure generators are widely accepted by a software testing company nowadays. They may be helpful during any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. Test-procedure generators create test procedures basing on software requirements.

This type of testing programs is often applied together with a requirements-management tool. Requirements-management tool collects data from the application requirements and delivers them to the test-procedure generator which analyses the information and basing on it develops test procedures.

Test-Procedure Generators mostly operate on the ground of statistical, algorithmic, or heuristic methods developing test procedures.

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The Peculiarities Of These Methods Applicable To Test-Procedure Generators Are:

Statistical Method

Applying this method the program selects input values basing on random distribution. The selected input values are supposed to correspond the usage profile of the tested application.

Heuristic Method

In case of using this method the necessary data are input by testers. Testers enter into the program the defects that often occurred to them earlier. So, the test-procedure generator turns into a smart tool.

Algorithmic Method

Frequently test-procedure generators operate in terms of algorithms of various events, strategies and action.

Test-procedure generators are commercially available and when applied correctly can provide considerable benefits during any mobile application testing, desktop testing orweb site testing.