What are Pitfalls of Updates and Data Exchanging?

All modern software products regularly update. Many of them receive and exchange data from several outer sources every day or even more often.

An application may concurrently perform several actions about which the user may be unaware. This feature is meant to make interaction with the software products simple, effective and comfortable.

But software testers mustn’t forget about such things. This aspect has to be considered during mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

There Are 2 Main Points About Updates and Data Exchanging:

  • correctness;
  • time.


It is very important to make sure that these processes are done properly. If not, the user may get wrong information or the software may even fail. The updating time also plays significant role. If it takes too long to do it, other processes may fail or the system may go into an error mode. One should keep in mind this thing performing manual testing.

The Reasons of Particular Attention to Software Updates and Data Exchanging with Outer Sources:

  • there may be errors in each of the processes;
  • concurrency of some processes may cause appearance of software bugs.

A professional software testing company can confirm that causes of many unreproducible defects lie in simultaneous executing of certain actions and processes. It is known that the most sophisticated unreproducible errors happen in course of mobile application testing.