What Are Frequent Problems of Web Applications Written in HTML and JavaScript?

Most of modern web sites and web programs are created by means of HTML and JavaScript.

Many programmers and specialists in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing consider combination of content formatted by HTML, and JavaScript elements, providing rich user experience and ability to perform different operation, to be the best solution.

But any software testing company will confirm that even the best technologies have some weaknesses. Web software products written in HTML and JavaScript can have problems as well.


Drawbacks of Web Applications Created by Means of HTML and JavaScript:

  • Performance testing often shows that web programs work slowly because of JavaScript code and big media files; much time is required to downloads and prepare them for work.
  • JavaScript elements cause performance problems when the code is too complex and large, and when they often exchange many data with the server.
  • It is often discovered during mobile application testing that HTML and JavaScript cannot provide proper resizing of images and advertisements for smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes.

Developers began to create and use other programming and markup languages in web software products in order to cope with these disadvantages. But these two are still widely utilized.