What are Common Usability Defects of Mobile Applications?

Each software testing company knows that usability is of great concern for software producers. An application success in production stands upon it.

If a software product functions excellent, easily solves significant problems, has no performance defects and possesses many other good qualities, but users dislike it because of something, it will never be successful. One should keep this in mind performing web site testing, desktop testing and, in particular, mobile application testing.


Usability is of utmost importance for mobile programs. It depends greatly on unremarkable from the first glance issues. The users may even not realize why they avoid interacting with a software product.

Among Common Usability Issues of Mobile Application Are:

  • wrongly selected colors for the background and text or other objects;
  • necessity to type much;
  • flickering objects on the screens or flickering of the screen.

Screen may flicker when the mobile application loads, when the user goes to another screen, when the device orientation changes or when the software performs certain operations. Such issues should be noticed in course of usability testing and reported. Flickering makes people feel tired, sick or angry. Users do not like to work with applications causing such effect.

So, one should give particular emphasis to usability defects in course of mobile testing.