Tips on How to Arrange Software Testing at a User’s Site

Nowadays a good software testing company may conduct a usability testing  outside its office.

Sometimes it is important for a user to participate in the testing and then it may be carried out at a user’s workplace. To do it, you have to coordinate the process with their management. Besides, the managers may also help you in choosing the participants for your software testing.

Then you have to make a formal appointment for the participants and also consult them about the purpose of testing and how it will go on.

Step-by Step Tips on How to Make Appointments:

  • Allowance of test conducting from the company management;
  • Appointment making (with e-mail or phone conformation);
  • Participants consultation;
  • Get the office’s address, location, drive way and parking place;
  • Think or software and hardware tools you will need to carry out the testing. (It may depend on the type of testing you will conduct – mobile testing, web site testing etc.);
  • Decide whether you will handle all the testing alone or you will need another test engineer to accompany you.

When you come to the place you plan to carry out the testing at, make sure you check whether the environment is appropriate.

Note that it is useful to conduct software testing from a laptop you are able to control. Thus you may control that the testing goes on just the way you want it to.

Some Tips for the Good Testing Session:

  • Take s seat so that you can control what the participants do, but stay out of their field of vision not to disturb them;
  • You may not want to make notes on your own to stay focused on the testing process, so you might need someone to assist you;
  • Respect the participant’s personal space;
  • Be sure to come and leave on time;
  • Collect all your equipment when software testing is over;
  • It is recommended that besides a certain monetary reward, you send personal thanks to every participant by e-mail.