The Main Goals of Software Test Plan

Test Plan is needed for designing test cases and test documentation.

To reach the purpose of 100% correct code you should conduct both black box and white box testing techniques.

If using such techniques you will enable to design test cases that validate the correctness of the System/Module with respect to the requirements specification.

The procedure demonstrated here should be used in combination with the requirements specification.

The group answerable for the module should design the test cases.

Due to the ten-week limit, it is essential to pay attention to making diminutive steps towards a bigger purpose.

Accordingly, as the individual programs complete unit testing, they are integrated to build larger and larger parts.

So we can name Software Test Plan Goals:

  • To reach 100% correct code
  • To identify the test methodologies for Unit and System Testing
  • To provide a procedure for Unit and System Testing
  • To ensure all Functional and Design Requirements are implemented as clarified in the documentation
  • To identify the documentation process for Unit and System Testing