Testing Tools: What to choose?

General info:

For almost 15 years software testing companies are able to use automated tools or some of their forms. During these years the world of technologies has changed a lot.

Today's market offers a huge assortment of applications that can satisfy even the most demanding user. In addition, you can get a number of free tools that are available as trial version or the full version on some web-sites.

Another important achievement in the development of testing tools is the emergence of Service Oriented Architecture. With the help of this underlying structure you can test the components of business processes that use Web services.

If you want to use something else besides Web, you will quickly realize that the assortment of tools that you can use for testing is rather limited. This problem is reflected primarily on the possibility of creating a successful record of active applications and of further running of the test performance.

Let’s compare automated tools and manual tools:

Technologies that are based on the Web can also create some problems for testing tools. If you come up with the flow of media news, note that not all testing tools can handle it.

Software testing company must ensure that their demands relate to the capabilities of tools before they start testing. Despite all the problems mentioned above without automated tools any serious software testing can’t be performed.

There is no practical way in which we could conduct an effective test performance without using some form of automationю. Working capacity of computer is higher than human’s. It can work when human rests.

Tester will only need to get and analyze ready testing results. Depending on the tested application tester should select the correct type of automated tools. Using of automated tools though can be time and cost-saving.

The advantage of manual testing is the ability to correlate quickly the data from multiple sources and then display them on the screen. This allows you to compare the results of further performed tests.