How Does Meditation Promote Testing?

Load testing, security checking or installation testing requires the specialist to be concentrated and attentive. These are rather complex types of the product checking.

If a tester missed a severe bug and this came out already after the product release, then a client will be very unsatisfied and will never use this company services. Besides, he may share the bitter experience with the others and, as a result, software testing company will fail.

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So why did the specialist make such a severe mistake? It is all because of noise. Some testers may productively and effectively work only in the silence when nothing and no one disturbs them.

But the silence is a luxury for the IT company. Every day, hour, sometimes every minute something happens: the colleagues confer, dispute, simply make a small talk, and etc.

What May Disturb the Tester’s Attention?

  • The colleagues who time and again snoop around.
  • The meetings and calls, taking place two steps away from the specialist.
  • The music which is heard from the neighbor’s earphones.
  • A loud laugh of the colleague which is easy to be moved to laughter.

This atmosphere may be hardly named the working one, and it is impossible at all to concentrate on the complex task in such noise. And what to do? How can this challenge be gotten over? The mediation – this is a way out. This may seem funny and even silly but the meditation really helps.

Before proceeding to the checking, whether it is mobile testing or desktop testing, one should meditate for 5-7 minutes in order to set oneself up for the work and enter the test zone. Firstly, it will be rather difficult to set oneself up for the working process but soon even the loudest noise will not make it hard to focus and perform the work at the highest level.