What Is Load Testing Applied for?

Software testing has its main purpose – the satisfaction of client requirements and expectations. The company reputation will directly depend on how much the client will be satisfied by the testing team work.

Nowadays not only game industry requires software testing – more and more solid commercial companies are in need of such services. It is determined by the necessity of product ensuring or averting its critical defects. 

In most cases, stress testing is conducted for maximum severe errors specification – this tactics is especially important for the software used in banks or e-commerce. For this type of testing, it needs to create such test cases which can demonstrate the system response to the stress load.

Main Types of System Response to Stress Testing:

  • buzz;
  • abnormal application end;
  • loss of data;
  • system crash;
  • computer block.

Load testing and reliability testing are other types of testing which intend the creation of conditions exceeding the limits of normal performance of the software. Due to these methods, testers also try to detect the critical errors which block or radically affect the application capacity.

Any software testing company must have specialists in the load testing sphere, as currently, it is very important to possess the information about the software productivity and its dynamics, and also about its capacities to withstand the critical loads.