When Is Automation Viable?

Even the most experienced and well-learned software product testing specialists cannot automate all test cases.  Software testing company knows that it is not necessary.

In general, the automation principle cannot be applied to absolutely all test cases and test scenarios. Sometimes auto tests will cause rather harm than benefit. But executing mobile testing, desktop testing, and web application testing, the specialists may often use automation but not for all scripts.


What Tests Are Suitable for Automation?                                                   

  • The tests with the complex logic. In this case, manual testing will lead to a larger number of errors.
  • The routine, monotone, recurrent actions. Here automation is a rescue for a tester. Such scripts automation significantly helps to save time.
  • The tests which are necessary to be performed with the various combinations of parameters and data.
  • The tests connected with the test environment or other tests.
  • The tests which should be fulfilled on the different devices or in the various browsers.

With regard to the aforesaid, it becomes clear that automated testing is not viable for the simple tests which should be conducted only in one specified browser without special input parameters. Such scripts checking is manually executed.

Performing software product testing, a specialist needs to analyze the test case and decide whether it fits the automation. In this case, the efforts and time will not be wasted.

The detailed and accurately thoughtful plan of actions is behind every successful project.